Gershom Sikaala

Dr.Gershom Sikaala is a Amazon# 1 Bestselling within 24hrs Author of numerous books Goodwill Peace Ambassador to the United Nations. featured yahoo finance ,New York DAILY NEWS ,AP, Mentor , pastor

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Extra Ordinary love


“Dr. Sikaala’s message is full of hope, faith, and the supernatural assurance that all eternal fruit in our lives comes from intimacy with Jesus. I pray his words will strengthen and encourage you to live a life wholly devoted to our Father in heaven. Every day I am thankful to seek the King while side-by-side with such passionate believers. Dr. Sikaala’s life and mission is a true blessing to the Lord’s wonderful ever-growing church ~ in Zambia, throughout Africa, and around the world.”



Real Stories by Real People

This book is being written in 2020, the year when the whole world experienced much change and many challenges through the Covid-19 pandemic. Amidst the tests and trials enhanced by the virus, people have become desperate for solutions and relief. Some have thankfully recognized their need for the Lord and allowed Him to make Himself real in their circumstances.

I sense the timing of this book places a spotlight on the importance and power of testimony in the midst of the testing and trials of life. The witness of Jesus intervening in lives will really encourage you to look beyond the here-and-now and grant you that bigger picture of God’s kingdom coming to earth.